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We help beginners be successful with running 

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Get up to Five​ - The complete beginners 5km running programme

Does this sound familiar? 

  • Are you currently not exercising?

  • Have you ever told yourself that you can't run?

  • Are you struggling with your health, fitness and wellbeing? 

  • Does the idea of exercise sometimes make you feel disappointed or guilty?

  • Do you sometimes feel you may fail with exercise? 

  • Have you tried to run, or exercise in the past but you just got lost and confused and didn't stick with it?

  • Do you wish you could put some time back into yourself and do something for you?

Where is this path leading you? 

If you stay on this path, where will your health and fitness be in 10 years from now?

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We help you prove beginners can run 5km

With the guidance and support that Get up to Five provides you, you can run 5km

Not only will you run 5km, you'll get fitter and healthier, you'll feel good about yourself and you'll have achieved something you may have never thought possible - which will make you, and those around you very proud

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Get up to Five has helped over 4000 people
run 5km

The Get up to Five programme:

Why we are so successful with beginner exercisers

We have the proven formula that will get you to your 5km finish line!


It's our '4 Step Beginner Runner's Plan'  

Step 1

The programme is designed for beginners


Step 2

Our mentors and coaches guide you every step of the way

Step 3

You are with a group of people just like you who want to start being active

Step 4

The end result -
you run 5km!



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What people are saying about Get up to Five

These people started the 8 week programme with no running history and they all ran 5km - you can too


''This is not about the running, it's about the amazing community full of love and support and the wonderful people who belong to The Extra Mile Runners Team. From the moment I turned up to that very first session of Get up to Five I have always felt encouraged, supported and most of all never judged! ​​​​​​​Much aroha' 

Tracey Overhill


'I am so happy that I found a group that is supportive and so much fun. I love this programme, it is well paced and achievable for anyone. I have learnt that if I believe it, I can do it. I was worried that I would be too old and would get injured, but the programme is well designed to build up your strength gradually.'​

Elspeth Painter


'I really enjoyed the programme and found everyone very encouraging. As the programme progressed and we were running more and walking less it was a great feeling to realise I could actually run 5kms.

It was flattering to have the new Fivers telling me they admire what I am doing - that had never happened to me before.' 

Michelle Hunter

How does Get up to Five work?

The programme has all the key ingredients you need for success

Whether you want to get healthier and fitter, achieve an exciting goal, or just have something for yourself, Get up to Five will get you to where you want to go. 


Get up to Five is New Zealand's most trusted programme in beginner running. It has helped over 4000 beginner runners go from doing nothing to completing the goal of running 5km non-stop and the results speak for themselves.


Our runners tell us that they are healthier and fitter, have more energy and they love that running has given them more confidence around exercise. They feel good about themselves, have made social connections within the team and it's now a normal part of their lives.  


Get up to Five is an 8 week group training programme that includes the key ingredients that creates success, we call it ‘The 4 Step Beginner Runners Plan'.


Our '4 Step Beginner Runners Plan' 

Step 1:

The Programme: Designed for total beginners

A programme that is designed for a total beginner, someone who has never run before - or who hasn't in a long time. The programme covers everything you need to get started and succeed including the walk/jog programming, body weight strength work, flexibility, and running technique. The proven and trusted Get up to Five programme ensures you are on the wisest and safest path to running 5km. 

Step 2:

Coaches/Mentors: Guiding you through each session 

Our coaches and mentors are with you to guide you every step of the way. At every session our coaching team will be with you, they have years of experience working with beginners and are are there to guide you on your journey. They will teach you how to run properly with good running technique, how to learn the right intensity, and how to manage your breathing. They will also support and mentor you through teaching you mind strategies and success strategies that will help you be successful. We also send you a weekly newsletter which gives you the key lessons you need each week on your 8 week journey. 

Step 3:

A supportive group all working towards the same goal

A group of people just like you who want to start being active, a group of people all in similar positions with their health and fitness and all supporting each other on their journey. The group is such a key to this journey, you will be supported, motivated, the sessions will be fun and enjoyable, you’ll make some friends along the way, and these people will cheer you over the line in your final 5km run. 

Step 4:

You run 5km!

This is when you will have transformed yourself into a fitter, healthier version of yourself. Where you feel good about yourself and be proof that beginners can and should be successful with exercise. You become the inspiration to people around you. 

To join Get up to Five: Just click 'Join Now' and go through the registration process. 


Without Get up to Five there’s a high chance that you will stay in the same place with your health and fitness, as time goes by it may even slip back further, don’t let this happen, join Get up to Five and change your exercise story. 

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Who is Get up to Five for? 

Since 2010 we have been training beginners run 5km, here's the type of people who join Get up to Five:

  • If you currently aren't exercising and are unsure how or where to begin
  • If you would like to run but don't know how to start
  • If you feel that it's time to do 'something for you'
  • If you want to transform from feeling unfit to be proud of your 'exercising self'
  • If you have been a runner in the past, or who may have been injured and want to get back into it gradually and safely.
  • If you are doing other exercise but aren't currently running and you want to include it in your fitness routine. You can take running with you everywhere. 

I can't believe that when I see other people running I think to myself 'I'm a runner'. That would have never happened without Get up to Five - Marie

What people are saying about Get up to Five


If you are unsure if this is for you, hear what our own runner's say about Get up to Five and be inspired

'I worried about being slow and being laughed at, but none of that happened, the support was incredible' -  Claire

'When I turned up, everyone was so amazing and so supportive'
- Rebecca

'The Get up to Five team understand how a beginner works and knows how to help you just start' - Julia

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What's my investment?

Investing in your own health and fitness is the best investment you can make

How much has a lack of healthy choices cost you in the past? Where will this lead you if you stay on the same path for the next 10 years? How much of your time do you spend feeling guilty, concerned or disappointed about your current health and fitness? Is this a place you want to stay in? 


Now is the time for change and Get up to Five is the path to choose. 

The Get up to Five programme includes: 

  • The 8 week Get up to Five training programme
  • 24 group training sessions (3 sessions per week)
  • Coaches to support and guide you at every session
  • Education around everything you need for success - including correct running technique  
  • A group of like-minded people to share your journey with
  • A 5km finishers medal when you run your 5km run at the end of your journey
  • A 100% money back guarantee

Your Investment: $299 (or $37.37 weekly)


'Don't wait to join! I looked a the website for 2 years before I joined and after I had run my 5km I wished I had done it earlier.' - Kath 


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We take all the risk - our guarantee

We are so convinced that this will work for you we offer our 'we are committed to you' 100% money back guarantee. It's as simple as that.

There are 3 steps to joining Get up to Five​:

Step 1

Choose your payment option

Step 2

Go through the payment process

Step 3

Get started with your team

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Our next programme starts 28 October

Registrations will open 1 October

1 x Payment


Get up to Five Training Programme
Christchurch starting 28 October 2019
Registrations will open 1 October

100% Guarantee

8 x Weekly Payments


Get up to Five Training Programme
Christchurch starting 28 October 2019
Registrations will open 1 October

100% Guarantee

Do you have a question for us? 

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Is there anyone I can talk to about Get up to Five?

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